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20 September 2019

Wim Crouwel will always be an inspiration.

19 September 2019

We are exploring how numbers and quantitative figures can be more engaging and building interactive features to help users dive deeper into the data they are seeking.


12 September 2019

Poster @RoccoPiscatello designed for @fitnyc.


05 September 2019

Back-to-school season has us thinking about our design collaborations with Trinity School. We wish students, near and far, a successful academic year.


29 August 2019

Brand identity mark we designed for a private golf course.


22 August 2019

Invitation design for a lecture given by @karlssonwilker. Hand lettering by @roccopiscatello.


15 August 2019

Our mentor, Paul Rand, best known for the corporate logos he designed for IBM, abc, UPS, and NeXT, was born on this day in 1914.


08 August 2019

A detail from a series of paintings by @RoccoPiscatello for an environmental graphic design project.


01 August 2019

A brand identity mark we designed for the Confucius Institute for Business.


25 July 2019

We are studying the work of Piet Mondrian with great intensity for a project we are working on. This piece is titled ‘Composition in Black and White, with Double Lines’. It utilizes only eight lines and epitomizes the modern elegance for which Mondrian is renowned.


18 July 2019

A directional sign we designed to enable guests to find their rooms for a new hotel in Philadelphia.

11 July 2019

This is a clock we designed based on UNIX Epoch time. Each second, the current Unix time is converted into a binary string, and then each character (1 or 0) displayed either using an open or closed circle.


26 June 2019

A poster @RoccoPiscatello designed for a lecture given by one of the worlds most celebrated designers, Milton Glaser. Happy…


20 June 2019

We are pleased to announce that @RoccoPiscatello was selected to be part of the MASTERS OF THE USA Exhibition.


13 June 2019

We prototyped a beautiful full-sized numeral, measuring in at 24” high, for an upcoming building project. #environmentalsignage…


06 June 2019

Brand identity mark we designed for East End Entertainment. #BrandIdentity #Logomark #Logo


30 May 2019

We designed super graphics inside of the stairwells @marksjch to encourage people to take the stairs…


24 May 2019

Brand identity symbol and icon set for a high-end lighting company. #Brandidentity


16 May 2019

A detail from a full-size paper mock-up of a donor recognition wall we designed. Meticulous proof reading required–the wall contains over…


09 May 2019

Testing various lighting techniques to enhance and add an emotive force to our butterfly feature wall project.


02 May 2019

Today we celebrate the life of Leonardo da Vinci. Writings about the interactions between water, river, bed, and obstacles. Used to make…


25 April 2019

Rocco Piscatello’s cover design for the Mueller Report.


17 April 2019

Inspired by the beauty and cultural treasure of Notre Dame de Paris.


11 April 2019

We love receiving beautiful handwritten letters from designers all over the world!


11 April 2019

Invitation design for lectures given by an illustrator and graphic designer.


04 April 2019

Our recent Donor Recognition Signage work.


28 March 2019

Brand identity, brand architecture, and corporate communications program for Neighborhood Trust Credit Union and Financial Partners.


21 March 2019

Invitation created for a design lecture.


14 March 2019

Here are a few roles of type we hand-cut for the Irish Hunger Memorial located in Battery Park City. The memorial, by artist Brian Tolle…


07 March 2019

Use less, design better. Our elegant brand identity and menu design for Perry St Restaurant in New York City.


28 February 2019

Custom typeface, roman numerals, and icon set we developed for the Glenstone Museum.

Refections: 10 Qualities of Design

27 February 2019

When the Fashion Institute of Technology approached me to design a poster for their newly …


21 February 2019

We are currently designing a large feature wall composed of butterflies. Our objective is to give people a different way of looking at their…


14 February 2019

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we share our love of bridging fine art and commercial work…


07 February 2019

Our magazine redesign for the American Numismatics Society.


31 January 2019

Before the holiday break we sent a copy of our Poster Works for FIT book to our mentor Armin Hofmann…


24 January 2019

One of the recognition signs we designed for Saint David’s School. This is part of a series, in which we created a design language to ensure…

Recent Trends in Design Research

22 January 2019

In the nascent days of Design Research, let’s say the early-to-mid 90s for argument’s sake …

Mohawk Blog

16 December 2018

Inspired by the Swiss posters from the 1950-60s, Piscatello explores typography, geometry and scale in a way that is pure and elegant.


21 November 2018

A detailed image from our current exhibition, “Reflections on Ten Qualities of Design”, at the University of New Haven.


20 November 2018

An image from our current exhibition, “Reflections on Ten Qualities of Design” at the University of New Haven.


01 November 2018

Here is the signage we designed to identify Trinity School’s Alumni Bridge. The bridge recognizes the generosity and leadership of alumni…

Legendary Graphic Designer Advises and Inspires

04 November 2015

Glaser recounted his past and present projects, peppering them with anecdotes about the creative aspects of his work.

Print Magazine

14 July 2011

I’ve admired the bold yet economical lecture posters that Rocco Piscatello has designed for theFashion Institute of Technology’s long…